Root password lost?

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Are you trying to access your system as root but can not remember your password? You are about to fall into despair because you believe you have to do the impossible to recover your administrator password? Thinking about having to reinstall the system?ALT Stop here and continue reading.

The following procedure resets the password to the root user, the only thing to do is add/modify some parameters to pass to the system at boot time and then assumes you have access to the machine.

At the grub prompt, select the row to edit and press “e” as “EDIT”, to the next screen will display the lines that run when you select the “TITLE” selected in the previous step. Now using the arrow keys to select the line that contains something like:

kernel /vmlinuz26 root=/dev/sda3 ro radeon.modeset=0 vga=791

press again “e”to edit and change the line

kernel /vmlinuz26 root=/dev/sda3 rw  init=/bin/bash radeon.modeset=0 vga=791

Complete the changes just press enter and then “b” to start the system., at the end of the start-up we will be in a root schell, at this point just type the command passwd for change the password.

4 Replay for “Root password lost?”

  1. ech0s7 says:

    E’ per questo motivo che ho la password su grub e anche sul bios 😛

  2. pino says:

    bhe direi che allora è piuttosto semplice far danni!
    basta un accesso fisico….

    per curiosità, che differenza c’è tra i parametri ro e rw??

  3. pennega says:

    bhe se hai accesso fisico ci son poche cose che possono proteggere un pc… cmq per cominciare si può mettere password al bios ed al boot loader , avendo cura di impostare il boot solo da disco e non da cd/usb … poi certo se si usa un FS criptato si ha un pò + di difficolta 😉
    ro lettura rw scrittura

  4. Con l’accesso fisico ovviamente puoi entrare ovunque!

    Comunque ro significa “read only” mentre rw significa “read and write”.

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