Share internet connection

posted by onMonday February 28th, 2011, 315128 total view

Sometimes you need to use a PC and at some point you realize you need on the internet but what happens if the PC is far from the modem / router and can not lay cables or PC is not equipped with wifi card? We have to move the PC into the room where is […]

Openfiler: creare un nas opensource

posted by onFriday February 25th, 2011, 327860 total view

Openfiler è una distribuzione browser-based per la realizzazione di un NAS o di un SAN. I protocolli supportati sono: NFS SMB/CIFS HTTP/WebDAV FTP Supporta inoltre autenticazione NIS ed LDAP (con il supporto per SMA/CIF). Scaricare l’immagine iso dall’ area download del sito di openfiler . Far avviare il pc da cd e premere INVIO al […]

Archlinux whit RAID and LVM

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This guide explains how to install Archlinux creating a Raid (1) and LVM. The guide can be general, because the steps to create a software raid and LVM management is the same on every Linux system. The RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is defined by wikipedia as: technology that provides increased storage functions and […]

Recover deleted files

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Può capitare di cancellare (per errore?) dei file importanti e questo è causa (se non si ha un backup) di molta frustrazione e talvolta (i file importanti? del capo) può portare ad essere vittime del bunga bunga (lascio a voi scoprire di cosa si tratti); per fortuna esistono vari tools atti al recupero di questi […]

Root password lost?

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Are you trying to access your system as root but can not remember your password? You are about to fall into despair because you believe you have to do the impossible to recover your administrator password? Thinking about having to reinstall the system?ALT Stop here and continue reading. The following procedure resets the password to […]