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Here is a list and brief description of the projects that are part of our community.


Description: Sooner or later everyone dreams of building a Linux system, to understand how it works, for necessity or just for curiosity. This is precisely the goal that has set Gerard Beekmans when he created the Linux project from scratch, make it possible for anyone to build their own linux box, according to his needs, but most simply discovering all the secrets that lie behind our favorite OS.

Components and Roles:

  • Lucio Zara – Rappresentante
  • Matteo Mattei
  • Marco Sciatta
  • Daniele Maio
  • Matteo Moroni
  • Giulio Daprela


Description: LHS (Linux Hardware Support) was born from the need to have a place to always find the right driver and / or kernel module that I need to use our hardware. The site is clean and simple, once inside you can see the list of the modules and add new ones.

Components and Roles:

  • Matteo Mattei – Rappresentante

Descrizione: The project’s aim is to discuss issues related to the development of the Linux kernel and in particular through further study as much as possible knowledge of it. The idea behind the creation of this site is to get to the realization of a sort of handbook of the system programmer.

Components and Roles:

  • Alfonso Vacca – Rappresentante


Description: The purpuse of PCIKL project is to provide italian translation of the help texts that describe the various options for configuring a Linux kernel for any interface of configuration (text, graphics or Semigraphics): the texts are displayed in Italian language.

Components and Roles:

  • Massimo Maiurana – Rappresentante


Description: Qlfs is a shell script highly customizable based on LFS, which allows you to build your own Linux system from scratch, with ease and in a completely automated. The project includes a Qlfs livecd, complete with scripts and packages needed to build the system, allowing it to completely cancel the dependencies of a distribution pre-installed.


Components and Roles:

  • Marco Sciatta – Rappresentante
  • Matteo Mattei
  • Emanuele Rogledi
  • Daniele Maio
  • Giovanni Scafora


Description: The UbuntuGame project wants to know and to facilitate the installation of lots of games for the Penguins. Emphasis will be games Open-Source without underestimating those Freeware.
The manager is always looking for new partners to expand the project

Components and Roles:

  • Giovanni Zimotti – Rappresentante


Description: VDR-Italy comes from a group of enthusiasts who decided to create, translate, classify all the documentation available on the VDR in a single site. VDR is a multimedia program for Linux that allows you to manage multiple DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T and send the output to a television. In addition to this you can do other operations like recording programs, DVD burner, and much more … all from a remote control.

Components and Roles:

  • Gianni Zacchia – Rappresentante
  • Matteo Mattei
  • Ninoger
  • Lukkino