Resume work!!!

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Hello folks

As you can see the site and the community have remained almost stationary or for quite some time, as usual causes are more varied, either lack of time and so little desire etc…

Right now we have some taken over the site, we have updated wordpress to the latest version, re-wrote the theme and installed qtranslate to try to give more visibility to the site, also in the international arena.

As for the theme it has been written almost entirely by exploiting the features of CSS3 and using very few images (one or two): the logo has changed now we have the penguin in Ghostbusters style (which to be honest we like more than the previous). The layout is similar to the previous: two sides menu plus one just below the head.

The translation of the site (in English) has just begun: for now have been translated only the homepage and the section collaborate, but in the coming days you will find other pages translated and hopefully a few articles. If anyone has the time / desire to help in the translation are welcome.

It’s time to get back to work and try to bring back the old Spaghettilinux levels.

People let’s give prestige to our community.

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  1. Emanuel says:

    Book-marked, I love your site! :)

  2. panoramix says:

    Sono contento che abbiate ripreso!

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