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  • Have you visited our site and you liked our ideas?
  • Avete una insaziabile voglia di conoscenza?
  • Do you have an insatiable desire for knowledge?
  • Do you have a community ?

So why not become part of our community to contribute to the development of the IT world and not to waste all the little Linux-related projects? Work with us it is simple: do your thing with a small presentation on our mailing list.

Spaghettilinux was born with the intent to group all the possible realities of the world GNU / Linux, with the entrance to our community you will be entitled to a category in our forum that you manage yourself, a personal page for Changelogs and news and of course a high profile in the community. Admission is free, we ask you only to display on your site, our sponsor.

The code of the sponsor to be included in the project sites that adhere to is:

For those who aspire to have more, with the reasonable price of € 3 per month (to cover our costs of maintaining and managing the server) will get hosting on our server + apache + php + mysql + ftp access and opportunity to create their own Subversion repository over to a third-level domain of the type For more information check our policies.

Thank you!

I look forward to your cooperation.